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5 Golden Rules for Renovating

  1. Plan/Expectations - Plan
  2. Council Consents (if required) - Plan
  3. Tradies you can relate to - Plan
  4. Realistic Budget - Plan
  5. Keeping Costs Down - Plan


*   Plan ahead – Time expectations, unforseen delays, ultimate goal/outcome


*  Council Consents can take up to 20 working days.

   Do you need Resource Consent? Architect & Engineers plans also take weeks to work through, depending upon changes and requirements.


*  A good tradesman WILL be able to offer sound advice. 
   They WILL have a good work history and be able to provide references upon request.  Most of all, they WILL be LBP Certified.


*  If you are on a tight budget, you will need to watch your spending.

   Overspending is all too easy, and common! 


*  If you are keen to keep costs down, offer to play the role of “Labourer”.

   Removal of rubbish to a bin etc can help.


Good planning can be the difference between a positive renovation experience, and a negative one!

If you do it right, you’ll love your new dream home….


The message is obvious…PLAN…PLAN…PLAN…PLAN…PLAN


Back to the Kiwi good life


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